For the George W. Reagan Company, time and experience provide evidence of great character, ability, strength, and honesty.

As a third generation corporation founded in 1934, the George W. Reagan Company is an established gem in the construction industry. Our proven long term perspective, prevents us from looking for short cuts or quick fixes. Our reputation, working relationships, and dedication to repeat clients hold far too great a value to compromise. We expect timeless values coupled with technological advancements will bring great service to future generations. Our longevity and our progress have been founded upon values which are rock solid: integrity, performance, and quality.

Our Services

new construction Our versatile approach to project type and size has enabled us to partake in numerous design/build, negotiated, and competitive bid ground up projects. Learn More
renovations Transformation of existing space is an attractive approach to efficiently constructing your vision. Our willingness to roll up the sleeves and pay attention to detail has fulfilled many retrofit requests. Learn More
pre-engineered Our ability to provide and self-erect pre-engineered buildings, as manufactured by Varco Pruden, is unparalleled in the Knoxville area. Learn More