Humana – Tenant Finish

The George W. Reagan Company was selected to remodel the existing Humana on Western Ave. in Knoxville TN by competitive bid. The project consisted of the demolition of an existing interior wall to join the existing space and the newly acquired space. The interior work included demo of old space ceramic tile, installation of new specified carpet tiles, painting, installation of solid surface tops, and lighting and communication upgrades. Schedule, safety, and coordination were three key factors to successfully completing the project. The end result was a high class, aesthetically pleasing Humana Guidance Center which satisfied the owner and its customers’ requirements and needs.

Pediatric Professionals Office Build Out

The George W. Reagan Company was selected as the builder for the Pediatric Professionals Office Build Out by negotiation. Tight budget constraints were met and the office was able to render medical services on the desired date. The facility includes soffits and radius walls which are aesthetically pleasing in the client lobby. Interior finishes consist of VCT, painted gypsum board walls, granite countertops, and plastic laminate cabinets / countertops.

Baptist Neurosurgery and Spine

The George W. Reagan Company was selected as the contractor for the Baptist Neurosurgery & Spine by competitive bid. The project consisted of renovations to an existing medical and office suite, and an expansion for additional exam rooms. The renovations and the new construction were completed while Neurosurgery & Spine continued to operate and see their scheduled patients.

Dr. Gene Sapp’s Office

The George W. Reagan Company was selected as general contractor for the new dental office of Dr. Sapp by negotiation. Dr. Sapp understood the importance of involving the architect and the contractor early in the design process in order to maintain a tight project budget and to evaluate different construction and material options. The existing ten year old home created a challenge for all the team members, but the finished product provides an attractive and state-of-the-art dental office. The finished space includes reception area, five dental service rooms, support offices, and laboratory. Interior finishes consist of Forbo sheet vinyl, VCT, carpet, natural wood ceilings, and heavy timbers. Lapped wood siding and a heavy timber pergola enhances the exterior of the building.

Blount Memorial Assisted Living Facility

The Blount Memorial Assisted Living Facility is the largest contract project to be completed to date. The project includes a radius perimeter and over 90,000 square feet of interior space. Built on two levels, the structure includes a 14’ high concrete retaining wall that is over 1,000 lineal feet in length. The project includes extensive concrete slab on grades and slabs on deck, brick masonry, wood roof trusses, metal framing, and detailed finishes.